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Free help and advice during a time of radical change

We are Change Management and Project Management specialists who, like all organisations, are radically changing the way we work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we’d like to make our own small contribution by sharing our experience, skills and learning.

We are releasing a series of free videos and blogs to help people and we’d love to hear what you do to manage the change in your working style. You can also read our other content and blogs here.

Do you have some practical tips that could help others in the same situation? Please also let us know what you’d like us to talk about, or if you’d like to take part and share your story.

New White Paper

During June and July 2020, we ran a range of panel discussions with over 50 leaders from 44 different organisations to understand how they have responded to COVID-19 from a change perspective.

Find out what we learned in our new white paper, available to download for free.


Latest Video:

Change Chats: Building purpose in your change programmes.

MD Lucy meets with Penny Strutton an Organisational Development Consultant, Paul Masterman a local authority and public sector consultant and Lyndsey Sims CEO of Hyndburn Leisure and lead of the Hyndburn Hub to talk about how creating a strong sense of purpose was crucial to managing change during the height of the pandemic. 

Beginning, Middle or End – Where are you on your change journey?

We usually help clients in different ways depending on whether they’re at the beginning, middle or end phase of their change journey. Learn with MD, Lucy about why people come to us and at what point in their change journey they come to us.

Why Is Change So Slow?

This is a question we often get asked at Trueman Change, why is change so slow? If you are responsible for leading or driving change in your organisation and want to know why it isn’t happening quickly enough, join Managing Director Lucy with this discussion of why change within organisations happens slowly.

Reach Out

Can you give us your experiences of rapid organisational change during COVID-19? What did you learn? Your experiences could contribute to our White Paper. Watch this video of our MD, Lucy who wants businesses like yours who are going through change to reach out.

Project Delivery

Should project management just be about admin? We don’t think so! Find out more with a reflection from Helena at Trueman Change.

Shaping Culture

What is culture and how do you shape it? It’s a common question that can be hard to answer, as culture means different things to different people. Here’s some tips from our Managing Director, Lucy on three things to look out for when trying to share culture in your organisation and teams

Building a Change Delivery Team

How do you build the right team to actually deliver change? Here’s some tips from our Managing Director, Lucy on the three things you need to consider.

Delivering Change

So you’ve planned your change programme and you know what you want the future to look like, but how do you actually make that change happen?

Business as Usual and Change

Our Managing Director, Lucy Trueman, shares her thoughts on the different skills required when leading change in a business as usual context, or when leading change. Does this ring true for you? How do you avoid mistakes and ensure your change programmes are successful?

Maslow’s Hierarchy

If your team’s basic needs aren’t being met, they can’t learn, grow and develop their full potential. Here our Managing Director Lucy talks you through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and guides you to think about how you can help ensure your staff are in the best place to develop and grow.

The Transitions Model

Our Managing Director, Lucy Trueman, discusses the Transitions model by William Bridges, which explains the psychological journey people go on when experiencing change. Do you recognise the three zones in the model and where your teams are?

Highlight Reports

Benjamin guides you through how to produce a high quality, concise highlight report in our latest video.

What do you think of Ben’s tips? What do you think makes a good highlight report? Let us know!

How to Run Effective Project Management Meetings

Our Senior Project Manager, Helena, gives her top tips on how to run good project management meetings, and how to tweak them when running them remotely.

Managing Relationships with Sponsors

Our Managing Director, Lucy, shares some tips around managing relationships with project sponsors and how to do this remotely. What do you think of Lucy’s tips? How are you currently managing relationships with your project sponsors? Let us know!

What is the Change Curve?

Our Managing Director, Lucy Trueman, discusses the Change Curve in our latest video, as part of our series of free content on change and project management. She discusses how the Change Curve can help you understand people’s emotional and behavioural reactions to change and some of the limitations of the Change Curve model, from a very personal and poignant perspective.

Working from Home: What will be different?

What will be different now many of us are working at home? When we begin a radical change like this we need to ask ‘What will be different?’. We’d love to hear your experience of how you’re coping with this change, let us know your tips to add to our free resources for staff and businesses.

Impact of COVID-19 on our business and what we can do to help.

Ten Tips for Wellbeing When Working from Home

Most organisations will currently be significantly changing in the way they work at a rapid pace. We are developing some free help and support for organisations and individuals who are facing this change. It’s a scary, difficult time for all of us, so let’s share some great ideas on how to ‘do change’ as well as possible in such challenging circumstances.

You can read more about our response to COVID-19 here.

Lizzi went into self-isolation with her family on the 12th March with her husband and two young children. It has been a stressful time for everyone and looking after her personal wellbeing has been a challenge. She has pulled together her top ten tips to make sure your wellbeing is being looked after whilst self-isolating.

You can read more about Lizzi’s tips here.

Working from Home: Practical Working

Working from Home: Keeping in touch with your team

Lucy discusses the practicalities of working from home for employees.

How you manage working from home is a very personal thing. What are your tips for working from home? How have you adapted to this new way of working?

Lucy reflects on how we are keeping our team together.

When we first moved to 100% home working, we were worried about feeling disconnected from each other. We’ve set up regular calls and have our lunch together virtually each Friday. It is important to stay connected as a team.

Working from Home: Communication and Project Management

Project Management Training

Lucy discusses project management whilst working from home and how important it is to keep communicating.

Ellie discusses how you can improve your skills through project management training and offers her advice for what you should explore. Although you may not realise it, you’ve almost certainly managed a project before.

Advice to improve your CV

Finding a routine that works for you

Our Senior Project Manager Ellie offers advice on what we look for in a good CV. To find out more about how to improve your CV, you can read Ellie’s blog here.

Our Apprentice Benjamin reflects on how he has looked after his own wellbeing by creating a new routine and taking up new hobbies.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Project Management in Times of Crisis

Are you feeling more anxious than usual? Or have a bit of low mood? Our Project Officer, Lizzi, sets out the Five Ways to Wellbeing – evidence-based tips to keep well in times of stress.

Our Senior Project Manager, Ellie, reflects on managing projects in the current climate, the challenges she has faced and how she overcame them.

What makes a good project plan?

Our Senior Project Manager, Ellie, gives her advice on what five key elements make up a great project plan.

How to use a Kanban Board

Have you ever used a Kanban board for project management? Ellie can tell you about this simple tool and how to best use them.

Read Helena’s blog to find out more about her tips on what makes a good project plan.

Read Helena’s blog to find out more on how to use a Kanban Board.

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