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Who We Are

Trueman Change is based in the North of England. We design and deliver change programmes in the public sector. We specialise in Local Government, Education,  Museums/Leisure, the Voluntary Sector and in Public/Private partnerships.

Every member of the Trueman Change team has worked within the public sector. It’s vital that everyone we work with can trust our judgement. We have empathy for people working in the sector and we care deeply about the work they do. We understand what our clients and partners are going through. We’ve been there.
We drive positive change. We understand that change can be a daunting prospect, and so it’s our ultimate aim to help organisations establish structure from within, and support them in setting achievable, positive goals which will make a meaningful difference to the way they work.
Trueman Change, above everything else, wants to make transition and development easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. We deliver and we are trusted by our clients to do this.
How we work depends on the individual needs of our diverse and multi-talented clients. We can lead on projects on their behalf, taking all the difficult grunt work on our shoulders. Or, if they prefer to have more control, we can provide a boost to their internal resources to make sure everything gets done.
However we work, we support our clients and partners to design the change together, so everyone is ready for it, because they have been involved in the process. We become embedded members of the team, all working together towards the same goal.
You can read more about our work here.

Our Approach

  • We value the public sector and we want to help organisations through difficult times.

  • Our people have worked embedded in the public sector, we’ve been there, we understand.

  • We fundamentally believe that the workforce are the key to change – they know how to improve things and we will work with your expert staff to draw this out

  • We are skilled in both project and change management and use these interchangeably – we don’t believe these are separate functions when it comes to driving change.

  • We can stay with you as long as you need us, we don’t just come in with a bit of advice and leave you, we believe in sustainability

  • We offer a full range of skills, from business analysis and diagnostics through to setting strategy at an organisation wide level. We are not one trick ponies!

  • We have high standards, we produce quality work with attention to detail.

Our Values

Get It Done:

  • Deliver on time.

  • No procrastination.

  • Be productive.

Get It Right:

  • Attention to detail.

  • Can stand by work.

  • Don’t ‘fluff’ it.

Make Friends:

  • Build trusting relationships.

  • Grow our network.

  • Be authentic.

Make It Better:

  • For us and our clients, always strive to improve things.

  • Make a difference.

  • Is it the best it can be?

Be Your Best:

  • Grow and learn.

  • Find your passion.

  • Invest in your brain.

Our People

At Trueman Change all our people have worked within the sectors we serve. We share a passion for the public and third sectors and a set of core values in how we work. We are not the average ‘shiny suited’ consultants who tell people what to do with glossy reports. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, helping to deliver real change on a practical basis. We’ve been there in the trenches with people at all levels going through tough times, so you can be sure we understand you and your sector.

We’re also not ‘just’ project managers. We understand change and how to make it happen. We focus on delivering projects not just administering them. Read more about our team here.

Social Value

At Trueman Change we put our money where our mouth is! As a small, growing business in the North West, we are proud to help through volunteering and donations to help vulnerable people lead better lives. Our Managing Director has worked with AgeUK Lancashire as a volunteer befriender and raised money for the charity through organising charity events for AgeUK Service Users such as afternoon teas. We currently provide free consultancy to the People’s Powerhouse (a not for profit organisation looking to develop the voice of people and communities in discussions around the Northern Powerhouse). Our Managing Director is also an Enterprise Advisor for a local school.

Trueman Change has also previously made donations to the Lemn Sissay Christmas Dinner Project in addition to volunteering at the event in Manchester. This is project provides a Christmas Dinner for care leavers between the ages of 18 and 25.

We offer all our clients a range of options to add further value to the communities they serve. These can include:

  • Work placements for young people from schools, local authority children looked after or in partnership with organisations such as the Prince’s Trust

  • Mentoring sessions with people out of work in partnership with local authorities or charities

  • Support schools providing careers talks for young people

  • Free consultancy to local charities or voluntary sector organisations

  • Access to free training on public sector change management and project delivery


Work with us!

We are always on the look out for new members of staff who share our passion for public sector!

Do you have experience of driving change and transformation within the public sector? Do you have attention to detail and are driving by high quality work and really making a difference?

If you’d like to move into consultancy to get more variety and be part of a great team of like minded people we’d love to hear from you!

Click here for more information.

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