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What We Do

We provide a full, end to end change and project management service, from initial thoughts and vision, through to implementation, you can choose how much or how little you need our help!

We work with you and your staff through a series of questions to really understand your organisation, what needs to change, and how best to tackle the transformation. We help you to envision the future, and develop strategies for change. We then develop these into detailed implementation project plans, with structure and governance. Finally, if you would like us to, we can help you with the delivery of these.

We believe planning and delivering change happens in phases, and we can help you a different point’s during your own journey:


  • What needs to change?

  • Change Readiness?

  • Meet with staff, members and managers

  • Review current ways of working

  • Conduct change readiness assessment

Strategy / Design

  • What’s important?

  • What’s long term?

  • What are our principles?

  • Engage with stakeholders

  • Develop a strategy with you – what does the future look like?

  • Set principles

  • Make the case for change


  • Who needs to do what?

  • How will we measure success?

  • Develop a detailed project plan with you

  • Establish governance


  • How do we make it happen?

  • Work (on or off site) with you to drive the change

  • Monitor progress with the plan

  • Assist in making the change happen


  • How do we strengthen your capacity/skills for change?

  • Help you to develop your sustainability

  • Train your staff in change and project management

  • Assist in recruitment

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What needs to change?

We can help you with your vision for the future, working with you, your workforce, your partners and political leaders to define what the future looks like. This can include large scale transformation work, culture change, and refocusing and prioritising your strategies.

Once you have a clear vision of the future we can help you with your service design. Using evidence based recommendations for change we can help you with business cases, strategies and plans which detail what you are going to do and crucially, why.

Whether it’s savings and efficiencies, changing culture, or improving customer service, we will help you to figure out how to measure what’s important to you, to keep you on track.

Programme/project management

Once you know what needs to change, we can help get you up and running on your journey, with detailed plans, structure and even stick around to help you deliver. We have extensive experience in project managing change in a variety of environments, including public/private partnerships and collaborative projects.

We do project management our way, we don’t believe in jargon and making an industry out of projects. We focus on getting the job done!

With our experience and expertise around change management we can work with your teams, develop communications and engagements plans, to ensure that change really does happen.

We empower your staff, because our goal is that you don’t need us anymore!

We believe organisations often have the knowledge, skills and expertise to know what needs to change, we can help your staff to develop the skills to make it happen, and change your organisational culture to one that is ready for change, resilient and innovative!

Project and Programme Management

“PIDs, Highlight Reports, programmes and portfolios – a whole new language?”

We believe that project management is about making things happen and getting the job done! If a piece of paper doesn’t help with these things then we don’t impose it! We have extensive experience in project management, in all the usual formal ways, but our approach is different!

We don’t want to impose reams of paper and reporting to tie you up in knots. We want to empower your staff to be able to make change happen and get the job done, in a disciplined structured way that makes sense for your business! We will bring all our knowledge and experience, in a user friendly way that makes sense to you and your workforce!

Management Consultancy Speech Bingo

At Trueman Change we do our best not to play management consultancy speech bingo! We ask simple (but hard!) questions to really get to the root of what your organisation needs. Why? Because we know that to make change stick you have to win hearts and minds of your workforce, your customers, your partners and your political leaders, and that means we all need to speak a language everyone understands!

  • What’s important? Why?

  • What does the future look/feel like?

  • How do we get there?

  • What do we need to do? Who will do it and when?

  • How do we do it? What else do we need?

  • What could go wrong?

  • How do we know we’ve done it?

What we don’t do

  • Turn up in shiny suits and tell you what you already know

  • Take over! We are there to empower you to change, not do everything for you. We work along side you to develop solutions for your organisation.

  • Play management consultancy speech bingo! We speak plain English because we know it’s important to have everyone on board

  • Drop models onto you because it worked somewhere else – we get to know you, learn how your organisation works, then develop sustainable solutions fit for purpose

  • Draft up complex plans then leave you to it, we can work with you as long as you need us.

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