Demonstrating ‘value through independent review’ has never been more crucial to increasing community approval and securing future funding success. 

A number of schools and academies are benefitting greatly from undertaking evidence or research-based projects to improve outcomes for children and young people. Many of these are funded directly from the Department for Education (DfE) or via other agencies. Funding, such as the Trust and School Improvement Offer (2021/22), funded by the DfE is a typical funding stream for such improvement projects and research programmes.

Who is this for?

Leading School Hubs, Trusts, Schools and Academies who have received funding.

If you are thinking about applying for a school improvement funding or have been allocated funding for your school improvement project, you may require an evaluation of your project to demonstrate that it has met its objectives. We act as an independent partner to measure the impact of your project’s outcomes. In addition, we provide a written report of recommendations that will help build sustainability beyond the grant.

Trueman Change has been successful in providing an independent review of such projects. An independent review adds value to the outcomes and can help in securing future funding.

  • It can lead to further funding success

  • It can be used to share successes with your community and partnering schools

  • It can be used to build sustainable project development beyond the grant

Capture the lessons learned over the last 18-months to ensure your COVID response is sustainable and that you do not fall back into a bureaucratic rhythm of slow, expensive, ineffective change.

Have a positive, focused independent evaluation of your projects:

  • Communicate positively to your community and show them how well you have done

  • Get that ‘gold stamp of approval’ from your stakeholders by using an independent partner

  • Share your journey and successes with residents, members and partners

  • Build a knowledge bank of content for funding applications and award submissions

  • Inform the scrutiny process with case studies that highlight the impact you have had

  • Reflect and learn so that you can design and implement sustainable projects

  • Your residents and members will trust an independent review

We carried out independent evaluations of a Primary Maths Improvement Offer (PMIO), as part of a Department for Education-funded Opportunity Area scheme. Therefore, we worked with schools in the Midlands to evaluate their student outcomes, teaching and learning and leadership capacity.   We also evaluated the impact of the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) project. This project was funded by DfE to address the achievement gap for disadvantaged pupils throughout the authority, particularly at Key Stages 1 – 4.  Here, we worked closely with schools in North Manchester to measure the outcomes against the grant’s objectives.  Both evaluations provided accurate reflections and sustainable recommendations for future development.

What our clients say

“Trueman Change worked very flexibly and positively with our partners and this relationship culminated in a helpful and informative final report .”

Opportunity Area Programme Manager, West Midlands Council


 Why Trueman Change? 

  • Independent partner
  • Specialist education knowledge
  • Measures impact
  • Recommendations for sustainable solutions
  • Less expensive long-term costs
  • We are committed to getting it right because we genuinely care about public sector service improvements
  • We understand the barriers that project managing additional service improvements, alongside other day-to day challenges can bring, and we can help you address these barriers
  • We provide services that suit your needs, with an experienced team that understands the public sector
  • How we manage your project depends on your needs, and there are many permutations as to how we can support your sustainable development
  • After carrying out valuable evaluations, we are often asked to implement further project management, change management services, or for further training to assist and develop internal capabilities.  Every development offer is tailored to your needs

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