Ten Tips for Wellbeing When Working from Home

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Our project officer Lizzi went into self-isolation with her family on the 12th March. Here she gives her top 10 tips for looking after your wellbeing when working from home. As I write this, I’m on day 11 of self-isolation with my husband and two young kids. It’s been a bit of a [...]

COVID-19: Our Response

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Our Managing Director discusses the impact of COVID-19 on our business These are difficult times, and most, if not all organisations will currently be significantly changing in the way they work at a rapid pace. We are developing some free help and support for organisations and individuals who are facing this change. It’s [...]

Lizzi Collinge joins the Team

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We are delighted to announce that Lizzi Collinge has joined the Trueman Change team! Lizzi has extensive experience working as an officer and elected member in the public sector. She has worked in the NHS, Local Government and public/private partnerships. Her previous projects have included: Public Consultations and campaigns Fund raising for public services [...]

People Power: Skills for the Future

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Our Senior Project Manager, Paul, offers his advice for creating a forward-thinking development culture. He discusses the importance of skills development and the value that should be put on those in your organisation. We’ve all heard the phrase that ‘an organisation is only [...]

A new year for Project Managers

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At New Year our Managing Director reflects on what could be New Year’s Resolutions for the Project Management Industry and those working within it. Project Management can provide a fascinating and varied career for those who are passionate about getting things done [...]

Project Management Day: Benjamin’s view

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It's Project Management Day today, so we're reflecting as a team on what project management means to us. Below we catch up with Benjamin on what project management means to him. Ben says "With my first exam in project management fast approaching over the horizon, it [...]

Why is change scary?

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This year for Halloween we have some tips for when things get a little strange! Are your teams and colleagues acting odd? Is it because of the spooky season or do you find change scary? Joking aside fear of change is a real issue. There’s considerable [...]

Our current reading list: Pirates, lies and pigs

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Our Managing Director, Lucy, has looked over her reading list. What were her top three recently read books about? Leadership, change, culture and wrestling pigs! Since Amazon allowed Kindle books to be switched between reading and audio books I have massively increased my capacity for devouring [...]

Trueman Change join another National Framework!

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We are delighted to announce that we have secured accreditation on a further national framework! Public Sector clients can now commission us directly through the Crown Commercial Services Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework. This is in addition to the Bloom, consultancy+ and G-Cloud frameworks we secured earlier in the year! [...]

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