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Lessons Learned from COVID

Independent Evaluations Offer 

Do you want to capture your lessons learned?

A further £1.55 billion of un-ringfenced grants to manage the immediate and long-term impacts of the pandemic have been allocated to Local Authorities for 2021/2022.

How will you capture the lessons learned throughout the pandemic to ensure your COVID response project is sustainable?

As a local authority, you have been at the forefront of your community’s collective response to COVID-19.  Overnight, you went from business as usual to delivering business grants, vaccination programmes, community hubs and even food to those residents shielding.  Your response and management of grant funding available created great impact in your community, and has allowed you to build the foundations for new ways of working.  In the public eye, you had to steer your transformation response quickly and effectively and you did it well!

Your leadership implemented new frameworks, bringing diverse teams together in safe spaces to foster talent and create innovation.  Providing parameters and vision but then trusting people to get on with it brought about success that we simply cannot afford to forget.

So what’s next?

As many Local Authorities are now applying for Community Renewal Funding and have been in receipt of Community Champions Funding, learning lessons from a long and unique period in local government is informing the application process and providing a framework for further development.

Other Local Authorities are keen to capture their lessons learned, regardless of further funding, to ensure they can build on the good work through COVID around:

  • Partnership working 

  • Allocating resources and funding

  • New ways of working

Capture the lessons learned over the last 18-months to ensure your COVID response is sustainable and that you do not fall back into a bureaucratic rhythm of slow, expensive, ineffective change.

Have a positive, focused independent evaluation of your projects:

  • Communicate positively to your community and show them how well you have done

  • Get that ‘gold stamp of approval’ from your stakeholders by using an independent partner

  • Share your journey and successes with residents, members and partners

  • Build a knowledge bank of content for funding applications and award submissions

  • Inform the scrutiny process with case studies that highlight the impact you have had

  • Reflect and learn so that you can design and implement sustainable projects

  • Your residents and members will trust an independent review

Take these lessons learned and embed them into future sustainability:

  • An honest independent partner will help you capture your journey, highlight its new success and help you develop at the same time
  • Using a public sector specialist will bring benchmarking and peer comparison
  • We will empower you to make the right changes, independently and honestly
  • We have the skill and capacity to take you beyond review and onto sustainability


What our clients say

“Our evaluations have shown us that we can do big and important things quickly.”

COVID Hub Lead, Lancashire


Benefits of an Independent Evaluation and Lessons Learned

Independent Partner and Sector Specialism

  • Evaluating outcomes through the lens of an independent partner provides objective input for a holistic viewpoint.
  • It is advantageous in demonstrating to residents and other parties that it has had a gold stamp of approval.
  • It also helps the democratic scrutiny processes.
  • It gets to the root of what is working and what is not working.
  • It highlights the project’s strengths, creating solid foundations for developing sustainable ideas.

Clearer Focus

  • Gaining Insight through a collaborative evaluation helps to get real clarity for what needs to be done.
  • Clarity keeps the focus and drive on track and enables team members to work together more efficiently.

Reduced Stress

  • Project managing with the insight of an evaluation reduces stress and reshapes belief that things can be done.
  • It helps to shake off worry of failure and damage to morale, because everything has been considered, reviewed and planned for.

Cost effective in long-term

  • Hiring consultants can be a controversial move for local authorities and is subject to greater scrutiny than internal management.
  • Our evaluations look at sustainability, value for money and a framework for understanding where you benefit from short-term support, helping you to make efficient, economic, and effective decisions for your projects.

Measure Impact

  • It measures outcomes to understand what is working and why.
  • Understanding the impact enables organisations to set future sustainable goals.


  • Independent evaluations set objective ideas for sustainability.
  • An honest independent partner, will capture your transformation journey, highlight its success and take you forward to the next stage in development.
  • It equips you with the skill and capacity to take you beyond review and on to sustainable development.

Why Trueman Change?

  • We are committed to getting it right because we genuinely care about public sector service improvements.
  • We understand the barriers that project managing additional service improvements, alongside other day-to day challenges can bring, and we can help you address these barriers.
  • We provide services that suit your needs, with an experienced team that understands the public sector.
  • How we manage your project depends on your needs, and there are many permutations as to how we can support your sustainable development.
  • After carrying out valuable evaluations, we are often asked to implement further project management, change management services, or for further training to assist and develop internal capabilities.  Every development offer is tailored to your needs.
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