Upcoming Events

  • Moving Forward Post-Lockdown in Local Government - Friday 14th May - 10am

    Local government organisations across the country are looking strategically at the future recovery of their communities, services and organisations. Our panel of speakers will share their stories of change and how they now plan to lead their organisations through the next phase, to meet financial pressures, changing demands and new ways of working.

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About our events

Our face-to-face events are on hold for now, due to COVID-19, but that’s no excuse to stop learning!

One thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has shown is that it’s possible to make significant change happen quickly across multiple organisations. Amidst the tragedy the virus has brought, we are seeing some amazing examples of people and organisations delivering change at a pace we’ve not seen before. Examples include:

  • Harnessing the power of the community, working across sectors to support vulnerable people
  • Radically changing ways of working, including switching to working remotely overnight
  • Changing business models – we’re seeing small businesses react rapidly to meet new needs
  • Significant culture change – political meetings that have always been done face-to-face moving completely online for the first time
So what can we learn from this? Why has change that previously took months/years to implement and embed happened within days? What have we learned about culture and empowerment during a crisis?

These events will be free, live online discussions with speakers from a range of sector and specialities. We will also be recording the sessions and making them available for anyone who may not be able to tune in for the live event.

Who are these events for?

  • CEOs and Senior Managers leading change in their organisations
  • Leaders who need to drive change at pace in difficult circumstances
  • Project, programme and change managers who want to learn from the recent COVID-19 crisis
  • Operational managers who want to reflect on how to do change well as we rebuild during and after COVID-19

Previous Events

September 20th: Applying Change Management Models in Local Government

We talked about the common challenges faced in local government around making change happen.

What people said…

Having started in a new role, working with a team that are very resistant to change. I found the session very useful.

Team Manager, North West Adoption Agency

The tools and techniques were particularly useful. It was useful to discuss how to implement change in a positive way.

Commissioning Officer, Bolton Council

It was a useful opportunity to network and meet colleagues from different organisations. We shared models and learning which we can use in our current projects.

HR Business Partner, Lancashire County Council

I now have a stronger understanding of how important change is and how to support people through this.


It was great to share ideas with those from other organisations without using too much jargon.

Change Manager, Lancashire County Council

November 1st: Co-design and co-production techniques

We met with our colleagues to discuss the tools and techniques that can used during workshops.

What people said…

It was useful to look at project management through different frameworks that felt easy, logical, interesting and included people throughout.


The session offered a useful approach. It was a good reminder of how important it is to refer back to the principles and to not get lost in the future and remembering why.

Change Manager, Lancashire County Council

The session was engaging, fun in a relaxed informal atmosphere. The activity enabled me to understand the co-design process.

Project coordinator, North West Leisure Trust

January 17th: The Challenges of Leading Change

We met with our colleagues to discuss challenges that can occur when leading change. Our guest speakers for this event were Phil Badley, DiamondNine, and Stan Johnson, Athena Education.

What people said…

The event was a great mix of ideas. It was insightful and has made me think about what I need to do differently to deliver change.

Project Manager, Manchester University

I found it useful to speak to other people in local authorities about their challenges and experiences of great change leadership. The event gave me time out of the office environment to think about our challenges to change and the next steps we could take.

Corporate Support Officer, Fylde Borough Council

The event was an opportunity to reflect on our current practice and a chance to network with others.

HR Business Partner, Lancashire County Council

The networking available was useful. It was a good reminder of key concepts to consider with change.

Head of Interim Management and Operations, Solace

Would you like to take part in one of our events or suggest a topic for us to cover? Please contact us we’d love to hear from you.

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