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Lessons from Lockdown: Managing Change During the COVID-19 Crisis

Amidst the tragedy of COVID-19, there is a unique opportunity to take stock of how change happened when the pressure was truly on, which can enable organisations to better manage change going forward.

At Trueman Change we went on a mission to talk to the people driving change during the pandemic and explore these issues. We ran a series of online panel discussions, involving over 50 people from 44 different organisations. We looked at what they did differently, how they maintained pace, and what the future looks like for them.

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Change needn’t be long and drawn out, it shouldn’t be boring or bureaucratic.
During COVID-19 the organisations we spoke to managed to turn change management on its head and work with small, agile teams, focussed on making a difference fast. You can get a taste of one of our Change Chats in the video below.

What can we learn?

During our conversations, there were a series of themes which shone through consistently.

We have collated these into the following lessons that you can read more about in our white paper.

  • Passion and purpose drive change

  • Take action

  • The importance of partnerships

  • Be aware of emotions

  • Reduce bureaucracy

  • Be human not hierarchical

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

Download Our Free White Paper

Download our white paper - Lessons from Lockdown