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We help organisations to change the way they work. We are a small dynamic team and ambitious to grow, and we need people to help us!

We need someone to join our team to help our clients be better at making change happen.

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We are always on the look out for new members of staff who share our passion for public sector.

If you'd like to move into consultancy to get more variety and be part of a great team of like-minded people we'd love to hear from you!

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The Role

Trueman Change are a management consultancy who help public sector organisations to change the way they work.  We are passionate about improving public services and our values-based approach and high-quality portfolio of case studies has built our reputation as a trusted change management consultancy that organisations enjoy working with.  We are a small dynamic team, located all over the UK and we work from home, so there is no day-to-day stress of having to travel to work. 

Because we are outcomes driven, we adopt a flexible hour’s approach, which enables us to work around other commitments and create a good work-life balance.  We work at pace, and are ambitious to grow, and are looking for someone hungry and driven to join us!  Is this you?

Lots of organisations are having to lead significant change as a result of COVID-19, and need our help structuring their projects and assessing their overall ability to do change well. We work mainly with the public sector, but we are open to helping any organisations that need us.

We need someone to join our team to help our clients be better at making change happen. You will be working with our team to help organisations deliver change in a structured and positive way. You’ll help to establish and run programmes of change, providing advice on programme management and change management methodology. You’ll also support our growth by helping to grow our network and working on bids for new work and marketing content/materials.


The 100 Day Challenge

At Trueman Change, our recruitment process is a little different. There’s no stuffy, boring application process, instead we like to lay down a challenge for you to respond to!  There is no one approach to do this so, have fun and use the 100-day challenge to showcase your skills and knowledge.


The Context: 

Imagine we have a client who is a local authority with approximately 2000 staff. They have had to respond to COVID by becoming completely remote working, and now they are working through some options for how they might change how they work longer term. They are under financial pressures, with several million pounds to find in savings. They have got plenty of ideas, and have started some work but there isn’t much clarity in what they are delivering and how. We also need to understand the morale of their workforce, and get a feel for how ready for change they are. Their ideas are around closing offices, stopping statutory services and creating some shared services. In addition to the client work you’ll also be working with us to grow the business and your own network.


In your first 100 days at Trueman Change we would want to see:

  • An excellent understanding of the client and the work they are doing
  • The list of ideas developed into a clear programme of work
  • Clear change management strategies in place to ensure the project delivers the change the client needs
  • You supporting our business development by bringing in potential clients from your own network

As part of your application we’d like you to tell us how you would meet this challenge in line with our company values below. You can tell us how you will do this in whatever format you think works for your client, for you and for us. To give you a guide, in the past we've had presentation slides, short videos, reports and project plans. 


Our Dream Person 

In terms of skills and experience we’re looking for someone with a strong background in programme management. You will be advising our clients on how to establish programmes so it’s important you know your stuff! We are particularly keen to talk to people who have worked within or alongside the public sector. You will be an excellent networker – our business thrives on the relationships we’ve built, you will be able to demonstrate that you’ve done the same in your career.

We are driven by our values. Yeah, lots of companies say that, but we really are! So we’re looking for people who share the same values as us. When recruiting, we ask “do we share values” before we ask “do you have the skills we need”.

Our values are:

  1. Get it done – no time for procrastination here, we commit to action and we deliver! 
  2. Get it right – our work has integrity, we don’t fluff it, we can stand by what we do. 
  3. Make it better – we specialise in change, so we are always, always striving to make things better and make a difference. 
  4. Make friends – our success so far is down to our ability to make friends and build trust. We act with our client’s best interests at heart, and proactively grow our network constantly.  
  5. Be your best – our most important value. We strive to grow, learn and develop all the time, it’s a hunger within us. Members of the Trueman Change team take responsibility for their own development and bring their best to the table. 

As for us, we’re ambitious to grow so we’re looking for people who want to grow with us. You should also be aware that we work hard to improve ourselves and the way we work constantly, so you’ll always be challenged to build on what you’re learning. 


The Details 

We are based in Blackburn, but we are a completely flexible organisation. Work is about achieving outcomes not clock watching. It’s a set of goals not a place. So we are open to applications full time, part time, self-employed, flexible working - you name it we’ll consider it. Just tell us how you’d meet the 100 day challenge and make us an offer!

Salary: £45,000 - £55,000 Full Time (depending on experience)

Perks: We have a company pension scheme with the People’s Pension, we offer flexible working and training and development opportunities. All staff get 30 days leave per year excluding bank holidays plus an extra day for World Book Day. 

Who this might appeal to

We’re open to applicants from any background, with a mix of experience. This job might appeal to:

  • People passionate about the public sector, with experience of delivering change  
  • People who have worked within the sector and want to move into consultancy to grow their experience
  • People who care deeply about making a difference (not just following a process)
  • People who have worked on a wide range of projects, in different organisations, and who have built a great network in the process
  • Experienced consultants or interim managers who want to join a small, dynamic, growing team.


How to Apply 

What we want to know is, do you share our values and can you meet the challenge? So if you’re excited reading this, then send us your CV and your 100 Day Challenge/Trueman Change Values response. Following that we’ll select the best responses and have a more detailed conversation.

Closing date: Friday 15th July 2022 at 5pm. 

Interviews to be held on: Friday 22nd July via Microsoft Teams. 

Applications can be emailed directly to us at

PLEASE NOTE: Applications submitted without the 100 Day Challenge will not be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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