Project Management Day with Paul

It’s Project Management Day today, so we’re reflecting as a team on what project management means to us. Below we catch up with Paul on what project management means to him.


Paul Norris

How many years have you worked in project management?

10 years

How did you get into project management?

When I joined a London based Business Consultancy. The work with public sector clients was varied and interesting but required a high level of discipline to ensure that the projects were managed effectively, to defined outcomes and schedules. This is particularly important as delay and lack of clarity could have significant commercial implications, both for the client and the consultancy.

What is your favourite type of project?

Anything that makes a difference to the service user or customer. The aims of the project have to either simplify a service, make it cheaper and easier to access. The project should have full involvement of staff as they really make the changes happen and are a major part of the solution. When everyone knows how, and where they fit into the project they are more comfortable with the change and fear it less.

Biggest personal lesson?

Allocate priorities sparingly. If everything is considered a priority then nothing really is!

What has worked well work in project management for you?

Demonstrating, through clear project management, that the goals and aims at the start of the project are achievable and still relevant at the end.

What’s the most challenging thing about project management?

The biggest liability is also the greatest asset – engagement of staff and customers. If this is not done effectively the project will encounter many hurdles along the way and may not be achievable. Good engagement creates your greatest allies and puts the people who know the service best at the heart of the project.

What you recommend project management? Why?

Everything we do in our lives has some element of project management. Whether it is buying a house or booking a holiday, much of the stress and nasty surprises can be avoided through careful planning. Developing these skills in the workplace has a similar effect, for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Some great insights there into Paul’s career and what project management day means to him.

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