Project Management Day: Benjamin’s view

It’s Project Management Day today, so we’re reflecting as a team on what project management means to us. Below we catch up with Benjamin on what project management means to him.

Ben says “With my first exam in project management fast approaching over the horizon, it is quite fitting that today is Project Management day, as that is all I am thinking about.”


Benjamin Barnes

How many years have you spent in project management?

Nine months as a Project Assistant, 15 months as an Trainee Project Manager completing an apprenticeship.

How did you get into project management?

In my previous job working in Payroll, an opportunity came up to help implement a financial expenses system across the whole University. I jumped at the opportunity and landed in a role and field that I didn’t know existed, but one that I loved.

Throughout my role at the University, I assisted on vital configuration of the system, ran training sessions and produced guidance. I became an expert on the system and the direct line of contact for support and advice. Once this project had ended, I had a taste for it and wanted more.

I then joined Trueman Change.

What is your favourite type of project?

A project will appeal to me greatly if it involves people. As a massive extrovert and people person, I love talking to others to understand their perspectives and what their desires are for projects as they progress. I love the evaluation work that I have done because of this. It has excited me every time we have gone out to interview people about the impact projects have had.

Biggest personal lesson?

I’m a keen planner, I have all sorts of lists, but my biggest personal lesson is making sure that everything is ready to go. I think being a Project Manager is like having a child, you want to make sure it is healthy, growing and happy. You need to give your project the appropriate amount of attention, time and effort. Sometimes you need to plan and just make sure everything is in place for this to be successful. That’s something I have learnt a lot about.

What has worked well work in project management for you?

The biggest thing for me is getting the chance to see a variety of different types of projects and meet so many people who have done so many different projects and just share experience. This has helped me in my own work majorly, it is amazing what collaboration can do.

What’s the most challenging thing about project management?

Being quite new to project management there is a lot of terminology to get your head around. It is realising that you already know how to do it but that there is a fancy word to describe it. I’ve found this when revising for my project management exam, normal processes that we do in our everyday lives are defined with specific term.

Would you recommend project management? Why?

I 100% would recommend project management. The idea that every day I come to work and do something different and varied is perfect. It is not repetitive, and you get to meet so many great people. Throughout my whole life I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career, even during university I changed career goals multiple times. I’m so glad that I stumbled across that project assistant job as for once I know what I want to do. I’ve found something that I enjoy doing.

Thanks for sharing Ben! We hope you continue to stay as enthusiastic as your career in project management progresses.

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