How do you develop skills around change and transformation?

Traditional management appraisal frameworks often focus on the skills and behaviours required to be an effective business as usual manager, but often only touch on the specialist skills needed to lead and deliver change.

At Trueman Change we have developed a skills framework around this covering themes including:

  • Core Skills for delivering change
  • Building Change & Transformation Strategy
  • Working with others
  • Project planning and management

Change and Transformation is fluid not linear, which is why we use cards rather than a fixed programme.

The cards can help to identify strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment, along with helping you to reflect on where you can focus your efforts to build on your skills around change and transformation leadership.

Would you like a coaching session with one of our consultants?

Using our skills cards, we can assess your strengths and create an action plan to develop your skills. Get in touch with us here.

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