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The Change Curve and the Mistakes Managers Make When Using it

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The change curve is a commonly used tool in change management and is often misunderstood or overused. In this blog we explore the curve in more detail, it’s strengths and limitations , and how you can use it to understand and support people through change journeys. All of us experience change and upheaval [...]

Three Steps to Building a Successful Change Delivery Team

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It’s true that it’s crucially important to plan, develop a vision and create strategies for change. We find that people don't necessarily need a great deal of help imagining the future and figuring out roughly how they're going to get there. What they struggle with is the capacity to actually deliver that change. The [...]

Delivering Change Successfully

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Delivering Change Successfully - Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them You put the effort into the planning, creating a vision and devising a strategy, but the change you’re aiming for just isn’t happening. Sound familiar? We’re not surprised. According to the Project Management Institute 70% of projects don’t fully meet all their goals. [...]

Getting the Best out of Your Team

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How do you get the best out of your team during turbulent times? How can understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs help? Our Managing Director, Lucy Trueman, reflects on how people can only learn, grow and fulfill their potential when their basic needs are met and gives a few tips on how to make this [...]

Three Crucial Phases of Change

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This blog from our Managing Director, Lucy, is about the psychological journey people go on during change and why, as managers and leaders, we need to be aware of and respectful of this journey. We’re sharing resources like this in the hope that we can help people and organisations to manage change well. [...]

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