“There must be another way?”

At Trueman Change we are passionate about helping public and third sector organisations to change and transform their way of working. We can help you to think through your strategies, long term vision, develop plans and deliver projects and programmes. Using a unique combination of both project management discipline and change management tools and techniques we can offer you a full range of services to support your organisation through change, from coaching and mentoring your staff, providing insight and diagnostics, through to full implementation.

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Welcome to Trueman Change

We specialise in public sector organisations, and with a collective experience of over 40 years working embedded in councils, the court service, the police and public private partnerships we understand how such organisations work, from the complexity of service delivery through to the political nature, we get it!

The public sector is currently going through a period of unprecedented transformation, and many organisations are struggling to keep up. Often we find that such organisations have great staff, with a huge sense of pride in the work they do, and extensive experience in service delivery, but sometimes there is a skills gap in terms of change, transformation, business analysis and project planning and delivery.


Organisations need to change for a variety of reasons:

Partnership & Collaboration

Customer Insight

Performance Targets



Workforce Transformation

Cost Savings


Whatever your driver for change is, we can help you!

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